Do You Need A Degree To Become A Teacher?

There is a lot of information and myths when it comes to becoming a teacher in the UK. Here are some facts about what it takes to become a teacher in the UK.

    1. Primary courses – For anyone who would like to teach KS1 and KS2, this involves teaching children aged 5 – 11 years old. What you need to become a teacher teaching this group is to ensure your certification is in order. You would need a GCSE grade C in English, Math and Science. Some training providers offer tests to make up for this if you did not attain this grade. You must pass tests in numeracy and literacy. You would need to have school based work experience of a minimum of 2 weeks in the age you would want to teach. You must have undergone a criminal records check through the DBS.
    2. Secondary courses. You would need to have all the qualifications above with the addition of having a relevant degree in the subject you would want to teach.
    3. Skills needed – Some of the skills needed include a proven ability to relate with pupils and their carers, enthusiasm for the subjects taught, knowledge of the subjects taught, confidence in ability to teach and role, ability to deal with conflict and handle stressful situations and a high level of integrity.

See the details for SCCD – diploma in education and training


In summary, a degree is not mandatory when it comes to becoming a teacher in the UK. However, for anyone who seeks to teach secondary courses it is a requirement to have a degree in the field in which you would like to teach.

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