5 Interior Design Tips For 2017

Interior design is constantly changing and each year, there are trends which come up which the discerning designer needs to look out for. Applying these tips and trends to your work will ensure your designs remain modern and current.

Here are 5 Interior Design Tips for 2017;

  1. Warm and natural tones are in – Warm materials like terracotta and use of wood or natural materials are in for 2017. This adds lots of warmth and character to spaces so gone are the days of using austere tiles and finishes. It’s all about personality and character and what better way than to use natural materials to create a warm and cosy finish to your space.
  2. Back to nature – Colours associated with nature are back. Dark green seems to resonate with designers and consumers and this brings the feel of nature right back to the home.
  3. Places to retreat – As technology becomes increasingly intrusive, people will seek hide away spots where they can reconnect with themselves and nature. This could be a room such as a library or a garden where someone can tune off the modern world and reconnect.
  4. Dark timber – Use of dark timber is trending and there are a number of ways to be versatile about this design whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or in you bath or bedroom.
  5. Lavishness – Jewel toned palettes are trending with an increase of rich colours, sheer fabrics and silks coming into play in 2017.


These 5 interior design tips will keep you current and trendy in 2017.