How to Teach Children about Recycling With Fun Activities

As a parent, you probably want to make the world a better place for your children. Most of the time, this feels like an impossible thing to do because you lack the ability to control what happens in life. Still, there is no harm in trying. One of the best ways you can achieve this goal of ensuring the world is a healthy place for the kids and the coming generations is by teaching them about recycling. This way, they will grow up aware of all the problems that come with irresponsible waste as well as the benefits that come with controlling and recycling it. The earlier you start the better because they will be able to incorporate it in their daily routines. Below are some fun activities that will help your children understand about recycling and how they can be a part of it.

Read them green books

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss’ is a great book that will introduce your kids to environmentalism and the Little Green Books by Simon & Schuster will be fun to read for them.

Litter in the park

You and your kids can visit a park and you should point out the trash lying on the ground explaining to them the types of harm that come with littering. You can also carry some gloves and bags to help in clean up. Make it a competition for the person who will pick the most and you sure have yourself a fun game for them. The more fun it is, the less likely they will forget the importance of what they are doing.

Make recycling bins

Sorting recyclable materials can be fun especially for your kids. You can let them decorate the bins with pictures indicating what should go in what bin. Give them some items so that they can practice sorting. While you are doing all this, try explaining to them why it is important to put the items in the right bin and tell them what happens to the waste after it is picked up.

Recycling relay

In your backyard or a grassy area, set up the different recycling bins, set up the kids in teams and have them race to place items in the right bin. This is especially great for kindergarten kids. Once a team member deposits one item in a bin, they should race back and tag another team member to deposit their own item. The first team to place all items in the right bins should be the winners.

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