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What Are The Top Furniture To Luxurious Bedrooms

A luxurious bedroom is something most people only encounter in posh hotels or see in movies and music videos. But hey, did you know that turning your cluttered, averagely designed bedroom into a luxurious one is possible? It’s not about spending an arm and a leg; rather, it’s about the right arrangement, and investing in the right bedroom furniture.  The kind of modern furniture you pick will especially matter because this is what one notices when they get in. You can invest in puffy, full pillows and a nice quality mattress, even get some luxurious lighting for the bedroom; but you have to get it right with the furniture in order to achieve the overall luxurious feel.

  1. Luxury beds; start with a luxury bed, there are numerous stylish and fancy luxury beds that can inject a luxurious feel to your bedroom. Italy often leads the way; most luxurious bed designs have their origins in Italy. They combine sophistication, glamour, plus unrivaled high end luxury. The beds transform the bedroom in ways that will melt your heart.  High End Oak upholstered Italian beds, Button Upholstered Velvet Beds, Upholstered Winged Bed, Winged Quilted Bed; you have a variety of choices to pick from, just ensure that you get a reputable furniture dealer to guide you through it.
  2. Luxury chest of drawers; once you have your luxury bed in place, try and compliment it with a nice, luxurious chest of drawers. Drawers are more than just storage compartments; they are also a fashion statement. The help compliment the interior design. Ask your designer to customize the drawers either to blend in with your luxury bed, other furniture in the room, or whatever personal preferences you may harbor.
  3. Luxury wardrobes; luxury designer sliding door wardrobes and Armoires are a nice way to inject a luxurious feel in your bedroom. Designer wardrobes will vary depending on color, design, and finish; you can therefore pick one that is closest to the design of your bedroom or one that will compliment the furniture pieces you already have. Large and luxurious 4 door wardrobes never disappoint, they are especially ideal for large and spacious bedrooms.
  4. Luxury dressing tables; luxurious dressing tables are a distinct collection for anyone hoping to give their bedroom a luxurious feel.  These too can be customized to reflect your personal tastes and preferences. From high end Ebony and Oak dressing tables, to Leather Marble dressing tables, and classic console dressing table; there’s no shortage really of the many varieties there are for you to pick from.
  5. Bedroom chairs; bedroom chairs are an integral part of any luxurious bedroom; they bring comfort, style, and an element of luxury. There is a range of styles and designs to pick from, again all based on your individual preferences. Are you looking for comfort, a fashion statement, or just simplicity? You can achieve whatever you hope to achieve by picking from wing chairs, armchairs, or even a fireside chair. You could even pick a classic luxury chair with leather upholstery that resembles the color of your pillows and duvet. If you’re looking for a bedroom chair to use for work, assuming you have a working desk in the bedroom, you’d need to give more attention to comfort than style. If looking for a comfy chair to sit on when reading, get an adjustable back chair that allows you to lean back and attain a comfortable posture.

Ensure that you pick a reputable London furniture dealer who deals in luxury furniture. The best luxury bedroom furniture comes from the major brands and for you to get such; you’ll need to identify a reputable furniture dealer.


Magician Oxford For Hire

Magician Oxford is always in demand, and always ready to deliver a fantastic show your audience will love. Using mind-blowing magic, comedy, audience participation, and a larger than life persona, he will develop a family friendly show that is unique, fun, and exciting. Your audience is made to feel like they are the stars of the show. He might even have them perform some magic!

In Magician Oxford’s show, anything is possible, anything can happen, and it usually does. But most importantly, everyone has fun! The program is perfect for any event and can be tailored for your specific needs. Strolling sleight of hand, corporate entertainment, adult stand up comedy magic, trade shows, children’s events, holiday parties, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, , magician oxford can provide the entertainment to make your next event memorable. Mobile


Bring new life to your employees with a show that will wow and re-energize them. Is moral low at the office? Then spice up their day with a parlor magic show that will keep them thinking and working with a smile on their faces for months to come. Magic in the workplace can help jump start your employee’s. Or just use it as a reward for a great performance. Nothing will make them happier than seeing their manager strapped into the giant Guillotine.

The 3 Principles of Interior Design

Interior design is the art of turning a room into a functioning, liveable space. It is the use of colour, furniture, décor to create a space which is warm, comfortable and homely.

  • principles of design;
  1. Functionality – Function is one of the key principles of design. This means that if you are furnishing an office, it should be able to serve the main purpose as an office i.e. have a desk, seats and room to work comfortably. Lighting designers in London is also an instrumental feature of interior design. Depending on the function of the room, it is important the lighting reflects the use of this room, for example, lighting in an office should be sufficient across the room to allow one to see easily. Unlike a home where say, bathroom lighting would be different from lighting in the bedroom or the study.
  2. Personality – Interior design brings one personality into the picture. This is what makes interior design unique as each person would want each space designed to their specifications. If you want your home or office to reflect your passion and your personality, then hiring an interior designer would be a great way to bring out the best in your space. Check the best interior design companies
  3. Mood – Creating the mood in a room is what makes a room ‘feel’ warm, homey, comfortable, cosy or sterile and austere. For an office, you can choose colours which are strong and dominant yet add touches of warmth or colour to bring your personality and presence to the space. For your home, choosing colours can be more liberal and you can choose any colour from the colour palette.

80 Interior Design Ideas 2017


Follow these principles of interior design in your home or office to design a space which is functional, warm and represents your personality.

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Do You Need A Degree To Become A Teacher?

There is a lot of information and myths when it comes to becoming a teacher in the UK. Here are some facts about what it takes to become a teacher in the UK.

    1. Primary courses – For anyone who would like to teach KS1 and KS2, this involves teaching children aged 5 – 11 years old. What you need to become a teacher teaching this group is to ensure your certification is in order. You would need a GCSE grade C in English, Math and Science. Some training providers offer tests to make up for this if you did not attain this grade. You must pass tests in numeracy and literacy. You would need to have school based work experience of a minimum of 2 weeks in the age you would want to teach. You must have undergone a criminal records check through the DBS.
    2. Secondary courses. You would need to have all the qualifications above with the addition of having a relevant degree in the subject you would want to teach.
    3. Skills needed – Some of the skills needed include a proven ability to relate with pupils and their carers, enthusiasm for the subjects taught, knowledge of the subjects taught, confidence in ability to teach and role, ability to deal with conflict and handle stressful situations and a high level of integrity.

See the details for SCCD – diploma in education and training


In summary, a degree is not mandatory when it comes to becoming a teacher in the UK. However, for anyone who seeks to teach secondary courses it is a requirement to have a degree in the field in which you would like to teach.

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How to Teach Children about Recycling With Fun Activities

As a parent, you probably want to make the world a better place for your children. Most of the time, this feels like an impossible thing to do because you lack the ability to control what happens in life. Still, there is no harm in trying. One of the best ways you can achieve this goal of ensuring the world is a healthy place for the kids and the coming generations is by teaching them about recycling. This way, they will grow up aware of all the problems that come with irresponsible waste as well as the benefits that come with controlling and recycling it. The earlier you start the better because they will be able to incorporate it in their daily routines. Below are some fun activities that will help your children understand about recycling and how they can be a part of it.

Read them green books

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss’ is a great book that will introduce your kids to environmentalism and the Little Green Books by Simon & Schuster will be fun to read for them.

Litter in the park

You and your kids can visit a park and you should point out the trash lying on the ground explaining to them the types of harm that come with littering. You can also carry some gloves and bags to help in clean up. Make it a competition for the person who will pick the most and you sure have yourself a fun game for them. The more fun it is, the less likely they will forget the importance of what they are doing.

Make recycling bins

Sorting recyclable materials can be fun especially for your kids. You can let them decorate the bins with pictures indicating what should go in what bin. Give them some items so that they can practice sorting. While you are doing all this, try explaining to them why it is important to put the items in the right bin and tell them what happens to the waste after it is picked up.

Recycling relay

In your backyard or a grassy area, set up the different recycling bins, set up the kids in teams and have them race to place items in the right bin. This is especially great for kindergarten kids. Once a team member deposits one item in a bin, they should race back and tag another team member to deposit their own item. The first team to place all items in the right bins should be the winners.

Visit for more details.

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Batteries Should not go in Garbage-True or False?

Have you ever wondered whether batteries should be disposed along with the rest of the ordinary home garbage? If so then take heart because you are not alone. It’s true that most people are aware that batteries can be recycled. However, very few among them know for certain that practically all variants of the battery are 100% recyclable. If you still have doubts regarding the assertions made above then read on to learn more.

There are over eight different types of battery all of which are 100% recyclable. This means that 100% of the materials used in making each type of battery are recovered and used to make new batteries or some other product. What follows is a brief description of some of the more common battery types and how they are recycled.

  1. Zinc-Carbon Battery

This battery type has a long history of use because it was among the first to be mass produced. The D size version was and is still used to power toys, hand-held torches and a variety of small gadgets. Batteries are broken apart during the first stage of the recycling process. Automated sorting gives carbon rods, manganese oxide powder, zinc casings and paper. The four constituents are then reused to making new batteries.

  1. Lithium ion Battery

The lithium ion battery gained popularity with the advent of the mobile phone. This battery is now found in smart phones, tablets, laptops and high end toys. During recycling, mechanical hammers pound the batteries to pieces. The metals are separated on the basis of their varying melting points and then cast into ingots and the plastic into pellets. The plastic and metal ingots are then used in the manufacture of new batteries or other products.

  1. Nickel-Cadmium Battery

This was the first mass produced rechargeable battery. The AAA and AA size versions are used mainly in TV remotes and high end toys. During recycling the batteries are mechanically broken apart. The plastic is molten and reformed into pellets while the metals are separated by thermal treatment and cast into ingots. The plastic pellets and metal ingots are then used in making new batteries.

All in all, each of the eight battery types is recycled in a manner similar to those explained above. Therefore instead of putting batteries with the rest of the garbage, you should put them in a small plastic bag and then leave it next to the garbage. You will make it easier for waste collection crews to segregate the batteries from the garbage for recycling.


5 Interior Design Tips For 2017

Interior design is constantly changing and each year, there are trends which come up which the discerning designer needs to look out for. Applying these tips and trends to your work will ensure your designs remain modern and current.

Here are 5 Interior Design Tips for 2017;

  1. Warm and natural tones are in – Warm materials like terracotta and use of wood or natural materials are in for 2017. This adds lots of warmth and character to spaces so gone are the days of using austere tiles and finishes. It’s all about personality and character and what better way than to use natural materials to create a warm and cosy finish to your space.
  2. Back to nature – Colours associated with nature are back. Dark green seems to resonate with designers and consumers and this brings the feel of nature right back to the home.
  3. Places to retreat – As technology becomes increasingly intrusive, people will seek hide away spots where they can reconnect with themselves and nature. This could be a room such as a library or a garden where someone can tune off the modern world and reconnect.
  4. Dark timber – Use of dark timber is trending and there are a number of ways to be versatile about this design whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or in you bath or bedroom.
  5. Lavishness – Jewel toned palettes are trending with an increase of rich colours, sheer fabrics and silks coming into play in 2017.


These 5 interior design tips will keep you current and trendy in 2017.